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The Domestic Drainage Cover Plan

Even today, too many homeowners have the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ outlook on their home drainage systems and wait until its too late to address their blocked drains. By being part of the DOMESTIC DRAINAGE PLAN, you can take control of your drainage issues and call us at the first sign of a blocked drain. Benefit from our prompt call out response times, our highly trained and experienced engineers and groundbreaking technology, all within your monthly plan.

Our team of experienced Drainage Engineers have attended over 10,000 properties experiencing drainage issues, with no system being the same as the other. With our quality service and dedicated workmanship, it’s clear to see why so many homeowners are signing up for the National Home Group domestic drainage cover.

How does the Domestic Drainage Cover work?

  • Sign up for £15 per month + £54 one-off admin and setup fee OR for a One off payment of £150 for a years cover
  • You are not tied in to any contract.
  • No call out charges.
  • A minimum one month required before callouts can be made.
  • Drains unblocked as many times as necessary
  • 24/7 emergency assistance, 365 days of the year.
  • Cancel at any time and still be covered for the rest of the month.

What is covered in the plan?

  • Manholes
  • Interceptors
  • Gully Pots
  • Toilets Sinks
  • Showers
  • Baths
  • Stack Pipes
  • Kitchen waste pipes
  • Foul drains
  • Storm drains

Get the right blocked
drain Maintenance
Plan for you

Starting from just £15 a month, our maintenance plans are built to give you piece of mind. Unlimited blocked drains cleared whilst your plan remains valid.


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Drainage Tips

I think I have a drainage problem, what do I do?

Call us free urgently on 0800 470 1690. Remember we are available when you are.

I do not have a drainage system blockage, but I have smells from somewhere in my system, what do I do?

Have you tried flushing through the system a couple of times? If the smells do not go away, call the team on 0800 470 1690.

My manhole cover is overflowing, what do I do?

This is urgent! Call us ASAP on 0800 470 1690.

I’ve flushed my toilet and the water is fluctuating/draining slowly, what do I do?

This could be a possible blockage further down the system, we highly recommend you do not use this system and call us on 0800 470 1690.

My sink is draining away slowly, what do I do?

Have you used any retail drain unblocker? If not, we recommend giving this a try as this could be an instant resolution. If you have and its still draining slowly, call us on 0800 470 1690.

My gully pot is overflowing, what do I do?

This is usually down to fats, soaps and powders from kitchen appliances, we recommend you call us urgently as using the household appliances may make this problem escalate.

I think my system has root infestation and is causing problems, what do I do?

Over time, roots can penetrate through system pipework, this can cause a variety of damages and blockages. Root penetration is classed as a serious problem, we recommend you call us on 0800 470 1690 to discuss the available options.

I do not have the Domestic Drainage Plan but I have a drainage problem, can I still call?

Yes, you can call us free on 0800 470 1690. National Home Group offer impeccable response times and the best UK rates.


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