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Basement Flood Water Removal

There are a number of reasons why basements flood. Since they are built partially or fully underground, they naturally have a tendency to flood but it is not always wet weather that causes this. Our basement flood water removal experts at National Home Group can come to your property, remove flood water and if unknown, help identify the cause of the problem.

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Why might a flood occur in your basement?

Water can seep from the ground of your basement if the foundations were not sealed properly when the house was built. If it’s an older property, these seals might have deteriorated over time, giving water the opportunity to seep through. Older pipework is prone to damage, which can lead to cracks and leakage. There might also be an issue with the guttering of your property. If the gutters are blocked, water will escape down the walls and flow to the lowest level, possibly pooling in the basement. Flooding is also the most common natural disaster in the UK and your basement might be at risk if your property is in close proximity to a river or water source.

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Dangers of leaving flood water

It is essential to remove flood water from a basement as soon as you discover the problem. Excess moisture in a cellar or basement can lead to damage to the foundations of your property which can impact on the whole structure of your house. Floods can also lead to the rotting of wooden beams or supports and for this reason, it is vital to call our experts at National Home Group to ensure the flood causes as little damage as possible.

How can we help?

To keep damage to a minimum, it is important to act quickly when you find flood water in the basement. By having a team of specialists in, immediately, to assess the situation and remove the water, you stand a greater chance of preventing long term damage to your property and belongings. Our team of experts will get rid of the flood water using powerful extractors. Once this is achieved, the basement will need to be cleaned and decontaminated, especially if the flood has come from a sewage pipe.

The thorough drying out of your basement is key to preventing any secondary and potentially long-term damage to your property. Prior to installing dehumidifying equipment to dry out your basement ,we will ensure that there are no barriers to the drying out process. Often there may be water resistant materials covering the floor, for instance, which will need to be removed if the basement is to be dried out effectively. This is an essential stage of the process as leaving a property damp will eventually lead to mould or fungal growth.

Mould is dangerous and can cause serious health problems for your workers or members of your family, such as respiratory issues and eye irritations. If left unchecked, mould will also leave your property with the unpleasant odour of ‘damp’. We can also check any plumbing or pipework connected to your basement which may require attention and organise the necessary remedial work.

So, call us now at National Home Group to restore your flooded basement to full working order.


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