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Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are a common occurrence for many residents and businesses with hundreds of callouts
reported across Southern England every single day.

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Blocked Drains

While blocked drains are relatively easy to fix, they can pose a nuisance and quickly develop into a more serious issue if left unchecked. For instance, a blockage could cause an overflow to occur resulting in your home or outdoor being flooded.

Other such Issues Can Include:

  • Electrical Damage
  • Foul Odours
  • Leaking Ceilings, Roofs or Walls
  • Damage To Your Property

What should you do if you have a blocked drain?

In the event of a blocked drain, you might be tempted to tackle the situation by yourself. While this might seem like the cheaper option, it is by no means practical, and you could end up causing further damage. Our drainage experts receive specialist training and have access to the latest equipment and tools to provide an effective solution to unblock your drain.

The service we provide includes an initial survey which allows us to establish the nature and extent of the blockage.

Once this has been determined, we will inform you of the best course of action to provide you with a speedy resolution.To clear any blockage, we provide high-pressure water jetting services guaranteed to clear out any debris and leave your pipework looking spotless.
Once the blockage has been dealt with, we use CCTV camera technology to assess the inside of the pipework to inspect for any signs of damage. If the pipework has been damaged in any way, our team will use cutting-edge pipe relining techniques to correct the problem in no time at all. This involves applying a special resin to a liner which is fed through the pipework and then inflated holding the resin in place.
As soon as the resin has set, the liner is deflated and removed leaving behind a brand new pipe.

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What can cause your drains to become blocked?

A blocked drain can occur for any number of reasons, and it’s important to identify the cause to avoid any future blockages. This will usually depend on whether the drain is indoors or outdoors. Outdoor blockages typically occur as a result of dead leaves, tree roots and pest infestation such as rodents.

Blockages that occur indoors, however, are usually attributed to objects such as food, sanitary products, paper towels, wipes and tissues. Pouring hot fats and greases down the drain can also cause blockages as these will solidify as they cool forming an obstructive mass.
While measures can be taken such as scraping off plates, correctly disposing of fats, sweeping up any dead leaves, etc. once a blockage happens, there is only one course of action to take.


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