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CCTV Drain Surveys

Carrying out a CCTV Survey is the quickest and most undisruptive way to discover exactly what is going on in a drainage system.

Protect Yourself Against Drain Damage

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CCTV Surveys

It supports ongoing maintenance and assists us in finding weaknesses and blockages before there are any disastrous implications.

In fact, CCTV Surveys are the only way to examine drains, sewers and pipelines in detail. The clear camera images are utilised in creating complete reports for residential, commercial and infrastructural drainage systems.

How It Works

Using state of the art cameras and innovative technology, our CCTV surveys enable us to provide comprehensive inspection reports for both narrow and wide pipework. As the equipment travels through the pipe, it is continuously recording everything it passes.

All the footage that the camera collects is then sent back to an observation screen, where a trained engineer will monitor the direction of the equipment and pick up on any immediate defects.

The recorded film can then be transferred to a DVD, where it is closely analysed by a group of specialists. Upon seeing the film, a range of structural issues may be discovered, which could include pipe fractures or collapses.

Using the latest software, a digital representation of the drainage system can be created. This will then show the precise locations of any structural problems and anomalies.

In addition to structure related issues, CCTV Surveys help to discover blockages and potential rodent infestations. It can also help to measure invert levels and the direction of flow and pipe connections to ensure the drainage system works as effectively as possible.

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Examples Of Potential Problems

Some areas in which CCTV Surveys are carried out require specialist training and adapted equipment. Examples include explosion proof cameras for drainage systems in hazardous areas.

Tree root ingress is a commonly discovered problem; it causes structural weaknesses, which can eventually lead to the total deterioration of a section of pipework.
With many residential and commercial establishments flushing away fat and food waste, solidified deposits often cause drain blockages.
It has become increasingly common for potential buyers to request a CCTV drainage survey for a property before they put in an offer. The cost of any repairs can then be agreed upon with us before the commencement of any work.


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