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Drain Excavation

If you have a serious drain problem, National Home Group offers a drain excavation service which involves digging right down to the pipe work to diagnose your drainage issue. Drain excavation tends to be the last resort, for serious drain problems or when other treatments have failed.

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When might drain excavation be required?

Sometimes our engineers might recommend drain excavation if all other methods have failed to rectify your drain problem. Especially in older properties, the drains may be in extremely poor condition or have actually collapsed and need replacing. Ground movements or subsidence, as well as flooding and serious tree root intrusion, can also lead to this type of damage. Our engineers have a wealth of experience in assessing such situations and deciding whether excavation is the best solution to the problem. Once this has been established, they will make a thorough assessment of the site in preparation for the excavation.

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Why does the site have to be assessed?

It is essential that the site is assessed in order to determine exactly where the damaged pipework is. To get a precise location, our engineers will conduct a CCTV drain survey and with other specialist equipment, will be able to mark out exactly how much ground will require excavation. This will avoid unnecessary disruption at your property and keep costs down as much as possible. It is likely that the pipework will be in close proximity to your gas or water services which is why we always recommend leaving such a job in the hands of experts. Other safety issues concern the actual digging of the trench and ensuring that it is stable both for our engineers and anyone walking nearby. In short, drain excavation is a complex job but our engineers at National Home Group have the experience and expertise to ensure that there is minimum disruption to your property whilst taking into full consideration, the necessary health and safety issues.

How are the drains excavated?

The excavation of the ground has to be done very carefully, to avoid the possibility of damaging other pipework in the vicinity. Mini-excavators can be used but often our engineers will dig the trench manually in order to reveal the damaged pipes. Once the repairs are completed or the replacement drains have been put in place, the engineers will ensure that the trench is filled in properly. If this is not the case, you may later find that problems such as subsidence or flooding are more likely to occur. Our engineers will always work very carefully to keep disruption to a minimum during an excavation, and ensure that the area is reinstated, as far as possible, to its original condition once the process is complete.

If you are experiencing serious drain problems, don’t hesitate to contact National Home Group and our trusted engineers will ensure you have the best possible advice about your drain excavation.


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