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Drain Repairs

Whether your property is Commercial or Residential damage to your drainage system can be problematic. The ideal way to deal with this is to identify the problem before it can escalate and lead to more serious issues.

Protect Yourself Against Drain Damage

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Drainage Repairs

With a team of drainage experts in your local area, here at National Home Group we are well equipped to deal whatever drain repairs you require.

We would always advise customers to undertake drain repairs as quickly as possible. This will help you, in most cases, avoid extensive excavation which can not only cause disruption to your home or business, but also prove very costly. A quick call to us at National Home Group can help resolve your problems quickly and efficiently.

Main Causes of Drainage Damage

There are many reasons why you would need drain repairs to be carried out. In many cases it can be due to the use of older cast iron waste pipes. While these pipes were constructed from a hardy material, they can be susceptible to corrosion that can eat away at the interior of the pipes. This not only restricts the flow of wastewater but weakens the pipes. This general wear and tear, along with cracked and Fractured pipes and loose connections, are some of main causes of drain damage.
Drains can also suffer damage as a result of blockages. There are two types of blockage indoor blockages caused by things such as Fats, Oils and Grease, Baby Wipes and Human waste. Outdoor Blockages which can be caused by things such as Tree Root intrusions and a build-up of debris, such as leaves or other garden waste. If not dealt with quickly these blockages can lead to serious damage to your system.

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How do I Identify Drain Damage?

Some of the most common issues associated with drain damage are unpleasant smells, loud irritating noises, localised flooding and in the most severe cases structural damage. The comprehensive drain repair service we provide will involve an initial survey, that will allow our experienced drain engineers to diagnose he exact nature of your problem. Once this has been determined we will work with you to devise the best plan of action.

We will always look to provide you with a drain repair solution that causes you the minimum amount of disruption to your home or business. All our highly qualified drain engineers and contractors carry the latest industry leading tools and technology to ensure the work is carried out to the highest standard. Some of the most common drain repairs carried out by our contractors throughout the UK include:

  • Drain Relining – This is where our experienced team will insert a resin liner into the pipes. This will then be expanded until it creates a new lining for the pipes, removing all cracks, fractures and other types of damage.
  • Drainpipe Replacement – Our experienced Contractors will replace your older corroded iron pipes with new plastic ones to restore your system to full working order and remove the possibility of corrosion in the future.

Here at National Home Group, no drain repair job is too big or small and our work is carried out by fully qualified contractors. All our work is guaranteed and fully complies with the highest Industry Standards.

Should you find yourself with any of the issues outlined above a quick call to us here at National Home Group can resolve all your problems.

How do I Identify Drain Damage?

Drainage damage of any kind can be a costly business if it comes at the wrong time. Here at National Home Group we offer a payment plan option, where a small monthly payment covers you for any drain blockage you may encounter. The main benefit of this is you avoid costly one-off payments and gives you the peace of mind that all drainage issues are budgeted for.

So should you find yourself suffering from drainage problems call us today for a quick and effective drain repair solution.


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