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Rat Blocker Installation

There can be nothing more unwelcome in your home or business property than a rat infestation. Rats can cause extensive damage and carry disease and unfortunately, they are not an uncommon problem, especially in older buildings.

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How do rats get into your property?

Rats can squeeze through the tiniest of holes and it is important to check if there are any obvious entry points such as holes in the roof, cracks in walls, vents, or gaps around windows. Pipes that run vertically up houses can be used by rats to get inside and they can also gnaw through a variety of materials, causing extensive damage. And yes! Rats can indeed come up through your toilet if they get the chance. However, rats will usually enter your property through the drains, and this is where a rat blocker is the ideal solution.

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Rat Blocker Installation

A rat blocker is a measure to prevent rats seeking access to your property, via the drains. The rat blockers are designed to stop the rats travelling through the pipework and are installed into the pipes within the inspection chamber. The device allows rats to pass freely downstream but protects your property by preventing them moving upstream. Thus, by installing a rat blocker into the drain outlet, all upstream branches of your pipework will be protected. The rat blockers we install are robust devices which are held securely in place and cannot be dislodged. By simply denying access to your property, rat blockers are a safe and humane method of control.

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