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Septic Tank Emptying

Here at National Home Group, we advise all our customers that regular cleaning and maintenance of Septic tanks will reduce the chance of major problems arising in the future. So, if you are the owner of a business or domestic property with a Septic Tank we can help.

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Septic Tank Problems

Rather than waiting for a problem to occur within your Septic Tank system call us as soon as possible. Here at National Home Group we offer a comprehensive range of quick and efficient septic tank emptying and desludging services. It is advantageous to your property to ensure that your Septic tank is kept well maintained including inspection and emptying on a regular basis. As part of our service we can arrange a regular maintenance and cleaning programme to suit the needs of your home or business.

The Importance of Septic Tank Emptying

Here at National Home Group our recommendation to clients is that they have their septic tanks emptied every 12 months as a minimum requirement. This needs to be done to ensure your system complies with health and safety guidelines and operates without problems. However septic tank systems are not generic and different factors can affect how often your septic tank needs emptying. Some of the factors that can affect it are the plumbing system in the property or the number of people who live or work on the premises. The fact that there are no hard and fast rules means it is in your own interests to undertake regular inspections.

Septic Tank emptying needs to be carried out by licensed Waste Disposal Contractors who have undergone the relevant training and certification. Once removed, all sludge and liquids are then required to be taken to a Sewage Plant for further treatment and sterilisation. Should you fail to discharge your septic tank in a manner that complies with current guidelines you could be subject to legal penalties.

Here at National Home Group all our contractors have the relevant training and certification along with years of experience in waste disposal. Our comprehensive septic tank emptying service ensures your waste will be disposed of in a fast and efficient manner, and in accordance with registered waste handler directives.

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Common Septic Tank Issues

Lack of regular maintenance is one of the main reasons for problems in septic tanks. Lack of regular cleaning will result in a build-up of sludge resulting in blockages in your system. We recommend to all our clients that they have their system emptied annually to prevent such a build-up.

Inadequate installation can also result in ongoing problems. It is imperative that when installing your septic tank, you use a certified and trusted waste disposal company.

Another problem that occurs in Septic Tanks is blocking or clogging of the soak away, nasty smells and localised flooding are a sign of such problems. Should you find yourself suffering from any such problems call one of our drainage team for a prompt and effective solution.

How to Prepare for Septic Tank Emptying

To help our qualified drainage experts deal with your septic tank issues with minimum fuss and disruption, we would ask you to do some simple preparation.

  • Provide easy access to your septic tank especially the lid and ensure all debris is removed from the area.
  • Ensure the Tank lid is safe to lift.
  • Consider the amount of people required to lift the septic tank lid.


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