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Soakaway Installation

Our soakaway installation service will install and maintain your soakaway in all types of properties, both residential and commercial.

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A soakaway is an underground structure which is created either as a solution to standing surface water, or to dispose of the wastewater from a septic tank. The water is removed through a drainage pipe and the soakaway enables the water to percolate back into the earth.

Our trusted engineers at National Home Group have many years’ experience in designing and installing soakaway systems. You may require a soakaway system as part of your sewage system if you have a septic tank. The septic tank separates the wastewater from your sewage, and the water is drained away into the earth via a soakaway system. Alternatively, you may require a rainwater soakaway if you have a drainage issue. The soakaway will prevent localised flooding and consequently protect you from the damage to your property that this can create.

Rainwater Soakaways

If you have reason to believe your property would benefit from a rainwater soakaway system, our engineers can visit your property and give you expert advice. There are strict building regulations concerning the installation of soakaways and it is also advisable to conduct a soil percolation test. Our engineers have a detailed knowledge of the rules and regulations concerning soakaways and are greatly experienced in their design and installation. They will always be happy to guide you through the complete process of installation.

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Septic Tank Soakaways

A septic tank soakaway is a drain field of perforated pipes laid in a trench. Again, there are many rules and regulations regarding the installation of a septic tank soakaway and we strongly advise you to leave it in the hands of our experts. They will visit your property to complete a number of environmental checks as well as establishing the porosity of the soil. Having considered the size of your property, they can then advise you on the exact nature of the soakaway system you require for you property.

Soakaway Maintenance

If your soakaway serves a septic tank, it is vital that you have a regular septic tank maintenance programme. It is generally recommended that septic tanks are cleaned annually along with a full inspection of your soakaway system. If this is not done, the solids in the tank can make their way into the soakaway, clogging the pipes and even causing pollution and damage to the system.

You can rely on our experienced and professional drainage engineers to solve any problem concerning your rainwater or septic tank soakaway. As well as designing and installing new systems, we can inspect older systems and, if we feel they have come to the end of their life, give you advice about the cost of a replacement. To discuss your requirements or find out more about soakaway surface water drainage systems, contact National Home Group today.


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